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Consultant Orthotist: Mr Nick Gallogly


Feet First Orthotics applies innovative technologies and techniques to get you back on your feet

Feet First Orthotics are proud to provide a professional and welcoming service. Whether you want to run a marathon, are on your feet all day at work or would like to do your weekly shop in relative comfort, Feet First Orthotics work hard to ensure that the treatments match your individual needs. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean condimentum mauris a leo tristique commodo. Aliquam mollis risus in cursus tempor.

Gait analysis and biomechanics in Reading, Berkshire

Gait Analysis & Biomechanics

Feet First Orthotics use computerised software to help analyse your movements through biomechanical assessments. This helps to ensure that the best treatment options can be prescribed for your needs.

Orthotics in Reading, Berkshire


All orthotics devices are designed and manufactured using the latest techniques in CAD/CAM technology. Used in conjunction with the best possible materials, Feet First Orthotics create your ideal solution.

Other foot treatments in Reading, Berkshire

Other Treatments

Feet First Orthotics treat a number of other areas including leg length discrepancies as well as the prescription of specialist footwear for those who cannot find suitable and comfortable alternatives.

Sport orthoses foot specialist in Berkshire


Even the slightest imbalance can leave feet vulnerable to stress and injury. With the right treatment, Orthoses can align the foot structure once again and make exercise more efficient.

FeetFirst Orthotics – Reading, Berkshire and London

Nick Gallogly Consultant Orthotist

Based in Reading, Berkshire and London, Nick is a specialist in biomechanics with a focus in gait analysis and the management of neural muscular lower limb conditions.

His main interest in research focuses on identification and management in tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction. This focus has led to primary care innovations as well as developed pathways for management of the condition. Nick is interested in working in lower limb orthotic management, conservative orthotic management of neurological conditions as well as sports injury prevention.

nick gallogly Consultant Orthotist in reading, berkshireAs a foot and ankle specialist, he has had the pleasure of working with a wide number of sports teams including the GB rowing team, London Irish rugby, para-rowing teams, Bristol rugby, Gloucester Rugby, Bath Rugby, Reading FC Academy and Connacht Rugby. Nick has also worked as a medical classifier for GB Para Rowing.

Gait Analysis
Gait analysis is the application of technology in assessing movement. This enables us to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for our patients so that you can get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Foot problems can have a huge impact on your life as even the simplest of tasks such as walking can feel impossible. An orthotist can help to diagnose, treat and prescribe long-term solutions for these issues so you don’t have to suffer anymore.

Even the slightest imbalance can leave feet vulnerable to stress and injury.
With The Right Treatment However, Orthoses Can Align The Foot Structure Once Again And Make Exercise More Mechanically And Energy Efficient.

Foot related problems that affect mobility can be hugely traumatic for children. If your child suffers with foot related problems it could affect their mobility and ability to partake in the same everyday activities as their classmates.

Neurological Problems
The long term effects of neurological problems can vary hugely but one of the most commonly affected areas is mobility. An Orthotist can help to diagnose and manage these conditions so you can get back on your feet as soon as possible.

About Nick Gallogly

Nick works as the head of service and the clinical lead of orthotics at the Royal Berkshire fire foundation trust hospital. Nick received his initial qualification in 2004 through his degree in medical mechanical engineering which he took at Dublin. His main focus is here were in the application of biomechanics. He received a qualification from Salford University with honors in orthotics and prosthetics and in year 2014 he completed his Masters degree at Staffordshire University in clinical biomechanics.


“I consulted Nick Gallogly for my painful feet and walking difficulty. Nick did a full assessment of my feet and gait and explained the cause of my walking pain and suggested a treatment plan. His treatment resulted in a marked improvement in my condition, with reduced pain and improved mobility. Nick’s friendly manner and professional authority were very reassuring and I would recommend his services to anyone with foot problems.”

Mrs LS – Reading

“Quite unexpectedly, I enjoyed my visits to Nick Gallogly. Not only is he very personable, but I found his knowledge of the mechanics of how a foot and leg actually work quite fascinating. Nick explained in simple terms, with pictures, what was going on and what should have been going on. He then used some very clever looking computerised equipment to map my feet. The up-shot is a pair of custom-made and very discreet insoles that correct some of my previous walking problems.

What I had originally thought was a fast growing bunion has now all but disappeared without the need for surgery and walking is again the pleasure it used to be. As my young dog likes to walk 6 miles a day, this has significantly improved both of our lives.”

Mr CA – London

“Nick was an incredibly friendly and approachable consultant from the first appointment. He explained any treatment he proposed clearly and always put my mind at rest. His attention to detail was fantastic and he always followed up every consultation personally to make sure my splint was working out. I would highly recommend him.”

Mrs CR – Berkshire

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